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Tie-dye is a big trend in late 2020 and throughout most of 2022, with everyone’s Instagram feeds and stories full of tie-dye everything! It appeared that no one could get tired of this color art form, from kurtas to shirts, denim to dresses, and everything else.

Tie and dye are among the oldest art forms in China and Japan. People use berries and other natural ingredients to color their clothing, yet there are many synthetic dyes available. Now, the tie-and-dye kurta in Pakistan is purely a fashion statement. You can style them in different ways according to the occasion.

In this blog, we will guide you on some styling techniques that you can try occasionally.

Tie And Dye With Jeans

People usually style dark long kurtas with Palazzo. Still, you should know that a kurta and jeans are a perfect combination. Jeans can perfectly go with your kurta, whether a short tie-and-dye kurta or a long one. A classy and refined outfit will always turn heads when you walk into a room. This combination brings together the best of both worlds to create a stylish and unique look.

Tie-Dyed Kurti Paired With Palazzo

You can wear a palazzo with a tie and dye short kurta style. It enhances the modern look of your outfit. Try dyed chic co-ord with a plain palazzo to make a style statement. Any simple white bottom makes a perfect combination. Still, when you wear Palazzo with a tie and dye kurta, it creates a modern look.

Palazzos turned out to be a great invention for those boring styles such as leggings and trousers. Palazzos are classy, comfortable, and easy to wear. If you pair the Palazzo with Kurti, it will become the go-to outfit for everyone. When you are working long hours with skin-fitting jeans, it doesn’t give you comfort like Palazzo. Now you can pair it with a tie-dyed Kurti to look classy.

Tie-dyed white and blue co-ord with cigarette pants

Styling your blue co-ord kurta with cigarette pants creates a modern and sophisticated look. Every woman mostly likes this unique, stylish kurta with dye print. You can also choose a light color dupatta of your choice. This particular outfit combination is perfect for any birthday party or family dinner. Additionally, you can wear rust or vintage jewelry to enhance the look.

Tie-dyed chic Kurta with tulip pants

Tulip pants look stunning when you wear them with dyed Kurti. Primarily young ladies love to wear this ethnic combination with cluster earrings. This overall look enhances if you wear it in a stylish flat flip-flop. Many stars have adopted this outfit witnessed at many events.

Tie-dyed coordinate Kurti with oxidized jewelry

College girls tend to love trendy jewelry, and you may have noticed this if you’ve ever been to a college event. Many young women wear oxidized jhumkas and dyed long Kurtis, creating a simple yet stylish look. This is a good option if you’re looking for something decent to wear to your next school event.

Tie-dyed chic Kurti with stirrup pants

Wearing a western-style top with desi stirrup pants is a chic look. Stirrup pants are similar to leggings, but they don’t cling to your skin as leggings do. You can add a crushed scarf for an extra touch when you go out.


Try these sterling techniques if you want to carry a stylish and classy personality while staying comfortable.

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