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Ever wonder what exactly “co-ords” are? Or how to style them? If you want to wear something creative and stylish then we are here to guide you in every aspect of fashion wear Keep reading for everything you need to know about coordinates

Traditionally, a co-ord could be compared to a suit. However, co-ords are no longer as formal as they were once considered. They are frequently daring, eye-catching, and fashionable. Co-ords are easy to put together, which makes it most easy choice in your wardrobe collection.

Co-ords Are Trendy

Want to know one trend that has taken over the fashion world? Co-ords are on the top charts. Celebrities and models show dazzling looks while going to a casual outing or any party. As comfy and casual co-ords are, you can add some styling techniques and make it party-worthy in no time.

Don’t have enough time in to get all dolled up? No worries, co-ords are your go-to clothing now.  Being easy to style, they require no effort. This means no more missing parties because you can’t decide on what to wear.

You need to buy a co-ord set that looks classy, stylish and comfy. Get yourself a trendiest co-ord set and use the following techniques to style it.

Throw In Some Statement Jewelry

With Co-ords you can experiment with different types of jewelry be it large hoop earrings or subtle-looking pendants. You have the choice to go with whatever you feel like wearing. Choose your jewelry according to the occasion. Fancier the event, fancier the jewelry.

For instance, while wearing a straight shirt co-ord set, you can keep it minimalistic and go with simple earrings like golden hoops to make your look more appealing and add an elegant handbag to your outfit. Pair your outfit with some statement jewelry and make your co-ord set party-ready.

Opt For Heels Instead Of Sneakers

If you are looking for a formal vibe, ditch your sneaker for once. Opt for your heels. It will help you fulfill the formal and stylish. By wearing heels, you will look taller and leaner.

Go For Trendy Hairstyles

Proper hair styling is important to pull off a classy look. Choose a hairstyle that goes well with your face. Simplicity is the key to hair styling. Look for a trendy yet simple and clean hair look. You can browse the internet or ask your stylist to help you with the right hairstyle.

Apply Make-up And Look Classy

Another way to wear your co-ord set and make it work as party wear is to apply make-up. Don’t overdo it. Keep it simple. Have light eye shadow and blush with dark colour lips stick, wear a nice cologne, and you are all done! Now be confident and look attractive. You are ready to slay.

Types Of Co-ord Set

Here are some types of co-ord from our collection. You can choose your favourite and buy it from our site.

Solid Grey Co-ord Set

These classic grey trousers and the matching shirt create a style statement. They are suitable for everyday wear. It offers you a bold and elegant look.

Striped Coat With Pants Co-ord Set

The striped Co-ord is fun to wear and easy to style. A beautifully sharp-designed coat makes it an amazing choice to wear to a formal event.

Printed Straight Shirt Co-Ord Set

With its golden neck lining, this co-ord available at Emerald is a beautiful choice. You can wear it at traditional events and look pretty.


Co-ords are a fashion classic. You can wear co-ords anytime and anywhere. Emerald offers casual Hira Mani Dresses in our co-ord dresses collection to dress like a celebrity. We have all the pretty co-ords that can make you look amazing,  just select one and look trendy.

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