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As summer approaches, there is an increase in sales of summer dresses for ladies in PakistanWomen look for options that are comfortable and fashionable. Women in Pakistan have a pretty hectic schedule, especially if they are working women. It would be best if you had something that looks good on you, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time styling. Long dresses are your best option here. They are not just stylish but are easy to wear and comfortable.

There are many reasons that long dresses are a perfect addition to your wardrobe. In this guide, you will get to know everything that there is to know about long dresses in Pakistan.

They Are Trendy

You need something comfortable if you are out in hot, sweaty weather. A long dress fulfills this role perfectly. Long dresses are trendy, especially in summer. You can style them easily and can wear them on multiple occasions.

How to Choose Long Dress That Is Perfect For You

While choosing a long dress, keep the occasion in mind. If you are planning to attend a dinner party, then choose a dark color long dress. A black three-piece long dress with Koti can be your ideal choice. It is both convenient and formal.

You will look fresh and comfortable wearing long dresses. But if you are going for a casual breakfast or lunch, wear a long floral dress in a light color. It gives you a casual and heavenly look. For casual daytime outings, you can opt for polka dots Pakistani dresses if you have one inside your wardrobe. You can easily pair them with heels or flats, depending on the occasion.

Long Dresses by Emerald

Reasons Why You Should Buy Long Dresses

Women love long dresses. They have been around for decades. They look good on you, are easy to style, and are your go-to wear for multiple occasions. We have rounded up a list of reasons you should buy long dresses.

Highly Comfortable

Long dresses are just as comfortable as your PJs. The fabric of these dresses is breathable and light. They can be your best friend if you have to be out in summer over a long period. Long dresses are a great feel on your skin.

Easy To Match

Matching and styling your outfit can feel daunting on some mornings, especially when running late. A long dress is your savior. You don’t have to spend too much effort styling it. Long dresses look great with black or brown accessories.


Long dresses are not like jeans. You can wear them anywhere at work, at a wedding, on a dinner date, and at the bookstore. You can switch from flats and light make-up to heels and party accessories with long dresses. Not only that, even pregnant ladies prefer long dresses and are comfortable, especially with their growing baby bump.


No time for dry-cleaning? No worries, throw your long dress into the washer. Are you going on an unplanned trip? No worries, roll your long dress and put it in your bag as many long dresses resist wrinkling.

Long dresses Are Classic.

These long dresses go back to the 70s. They will not go out of style any time soon. They are highly preferred since they come in various colors, styles, patterns, and fabrics.


Long dresses are the most preferred summer dresses for ladies in PakistanYou can find the best ones at Emerald. Please go through our website, explore our collection, and shop now!

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