Hira Mani Two Piece Dresses

Emerald proudly presents the Hira Mani dresses collection of trendy casual co-ord dresses. If finding something in your closet that you actually want to wear is becoming increasingly difficult, you should look into our trendy, stylish, and fashionable two-piece, Co-ord dresses...

Our two-piece outfits can add a new twist to any look, from casual to formal, and cover all of the fashion bases. When paired with the appropriate shoes and accessories, these outfits can provide you with a plethora of styling options, ranging from glamorous evening looks to laid-back party wear.

Women’s Two-Piece Dresses for Formal Occasions

Our two-piece co-ord outfits can be worn more than just casually: they can also be understated and chic in formal settings. 2-piece dresses, for example, can be appropriate for special occasions. A great example is our Statement Design dress, which is made of linen fabric and features a geometric design with sharp angles, clean lines, and a strong color palette, paired with an inner and pants. This coordinate is intended to complement and make a statement for any special occasion. Lets not forget to mention the equally stylish Pleated Statement co-ord dress. It comes with sassy black pleated fabric coordinates that include a crew neck, pleated fabric top, and wide-leg pants. The pants are made of soft pleated fabric and feature a waistband, side zipper, hook and eye closure, and hook and eye closure. If you’re looking for trendy clothes for women, this statement stylish coordinate dress is the ideal solution. Also, while a sophisticated two-piece dress set can be tailored and body-skimming, a skintight fit may not be appropriate.

Our Collaboration with Hira Mani

Our collaboration with the very gorgeous Hira Mani for this category is what we think makes it more special. Hira Mani is something of a ‘trendsetter.’ Her style is always on point, whether she’s mesmerizing fans in stunning bridal wear or experimenting with sarees. Usually, fans see her in desi traditional attire, but Hira occasionally turns on the charm in Western wear. She can pull off any look, whether it’s casual or glamorous. As can be seen in the pictures, the diva looks absolute fire in our collection of casual Hira Mani dresses. Setting new trends in fashion and style, Hira Mani only collaborates with the best brands and that is why we mention our collaboration with her as a humble boast.

Versatile Outfits for Stylish Looks and Great Value

At Emeralds, we specialize in making the latest trends affordable, and with our very stylish two-piece dresses, you can get more mileage out of your purchase, increasing the value of a single inexpensive outfit. Yes, those two pieces look great together but don’t be afraid to separate them: You might discover that the top looks great with a pair of jeans from the back of your closet, or that the top that doesn’t quite match anything you own looks killer with the bottom of your new Co-ord dress. Mix and match to create your own distinct look! You might discover that a few two-piece outfits from our Hira Mani casual dresses collection are all you need to revitalize your wardrobe.

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