The 4 Best Ladies Clothing Brands In Pakistan

The fashion industry in Pakistan has made great bounds in the last few years. So many new brands have been introduced in the market, and the industry is thriving like never before. 

The population of women in the country is higher than men, so it is safe to say the variety of Eastern wear is insane! In addition, some of these brands have also designed western wear and showcased it to the people.

With so many companies manufacturing women’s clothing, it can be a bit confusing to choose a particular brand to shop from. For your ease, we have compiled a list of the top 5 ladies’ clothing brands in Pakistan. 

Shop From The Best Brands!

  • Khaadi

Khaadi is one of the best brands in Pakistan. They cater to the changing fashion demands and set some of their own as well. Their brand is usually seen to have dresses with a pop of color and dresses representing the tradition of Pakistan.

They release 3 to 4 volumes every year, namely their summer, spring, and winter collections, and dominate the market with their fabulous collections. In addition, it also has a formal collection by the name of Khaadi Pret, which you can check out if you need to attend a nice party or wedding.

They have recently released another brand under their name known as Chapter II, which caters to customers who prefer western clothes. They have some tremendous plain clothing options, such as a variety of different colored plain shirts, kameez, and pajamas. 

With so much to offer, Khaadi is one of the most popular brands in Pakistan, and rightly so!

  • Sapphire

Sapphire is another brand that has gained much acclaim and recognition throughout Pakistan in the short period of its existence. In comparison to other brands, Sapphire has not been there for long and was started by Nabeel Abdullah in 2014. 

It is quite an achievement that it has been able to compete with top brands that have been around for much longer and make its place among the best ladies’ clothing brands in Pakistan.

At Sapphire, you can expect to see some fantastic designs consisting of lines and floral patterns and a lot of colors. Truth be told, if you want to get really patterned clothes and dazzle everyone with a pop of color, Sapphire should be your go-to. All the outlets are unique and spacey, with beautiful clothes everywhere, giving a very refreshing look.

Recently, Sapphire has also launched its jewelry and makeup line, so you accessorize with your favorite clothes on the go!

  • Emerald

Emerald by Ismat Usman is another big name in the Pakistani fashion industry and one of our favorites. The best part about this brand is that it has something for everyone! 

Emerald caters to a variety of customers and has some amazing Eastern wear and Western long frocks available. It offers some good, high-quality kameez and casual dresses in Pakistan. Recently, the brand also introduced some smooth and soft luxury sleepwear for its customers at some great prices.

Emerald also collaborated with Hira Mani and she looks absolutely wonderful showcasing those lovely dresses.

Need some great casual dresses in Pakistan? Browse through Emerald’s colelction now!

  • Zeen

This is another one of our favorite brands. In 2014, Cambridge expanded its reach and introduced a brand for women. Since then, its popularity has only gone up. Zeen has some wonderful dresses and has released some fantastic collections in the past 2 years. They have casual as well as formal dresses, and are known for having some of the best quality pajamas with some great embroidery and designs. 

In addition, Zeen also has some great casual jewelry available at its outlet so you can buy accessories with your clothes onthe spot!

The Pakistani Fashion Industry Is On Fire!

There is no better place than Pakistan if you need to shop for Eastern clothing. The industry is on fire and launching one hit collection after the other. The material used to manufacture the clothes ie extremely high-quality and the clothes will last you for a long time to come.

Need good casual dresses in Pakistan? Shop from these amazing brands now!

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