woman wearing net White Maxi Dress Pakistani with kashmiri embroidery

Women in Pakistan are always searching for a new variety of clothes. Every season they want to buy new outfits and change the overall collections of their wardrobe. They always look for new and easy-going ways to follow the trend. For this purpose, long dresses come in handy, as they provide elegance with a touch of decency for everyone. Long dresses come in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics. They can be your go-to option for any casual or formal event.

Blue Floral Smocked Long DressFor instance, Long Floral dresses in Pakistan are trendier in 2022 and can be worn on all occasions. This was just an example of a floral pattern since long dresses can also serve you in many ways.

Floral Smocked Long Dress

Smocking is an embroidery process that has been famous for the past few years. When there was only an elastic, smoking was the only method of choice to keep the cuffs in place. If you’ve never tried on a long-smocked dress, give it a chance and wear it. You might be surprised by how gorgeous the print is. The fabric is chiffon which is lightweight and breezy. The smocked dress is incredibly flattering and that’s a plus point. It can easily fit on your body.


Tie & Dye Long Dress


Tie and dye long dress

Last year tie and dye ruled the fashion industry. People nowadays are mostly going with fashion and trends that were once followed in the ’80s. In 2022, many fashion trends are relived with a few changes and accepted by the youth. We see many outlets introducing their tie and dye long dress collections in various styles and fabrics.



Polka dotted long dress


Polka dot long dress

Summer is the time when we experience different prints and styles. The polka dot long dress is one of the best and most admirable fashion trends globally. It became iconic in the eyes of designers. This design throughout the middle age has been embraced. Now, many brands are offering polka patterns in different varieties in their collection.




Olive frill neck long dress

Frill neck long dress

If you are a fashion freak, then a frill-neck long dress is made for you. Emerald offers you an olive bling frill neck with cuffed sleeves. The fabric is a fling net that makes you feel comfortable wearing it. When you have a dinner night in summer, this is the best option for you.




Three pieces with Koti long dress


Three pieces with Koti long dress

No matter which event you attend, traditional clothing has its class. Some colors always look good on any skin complexion, height, age, and even body shape. For example, a black three-piece long dress with Koti can be your perfect choice. It is both convenient and formal. The best thing about the traditional dress is you always look unique and comfortable wearing it.



Celebrate in style:

Long dresses in Pakistan always have their class. We can say that these dresses are always the center of attraction. The designers are using this opportunity to spread out their market online. Pakistani clothes and fashion brands make it easier for women and girls to incorporate Pakistani culture and tradition into their daily lives without feeling out of touch with the modern world.

For this purpose, Emerald is here with a vast collection of long dresses and shirts. For example, our Olive Inspired Straight long shirt is one of the best-selling shirts in our collection due to its amazing features like slits and pleat details on the bodice.

At Emerald, the quality of stitching is never compromised because each dress is made with care and passion. This means that you will receive a great product for an excellent price!

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